Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hot smoking!

Husband and son went fishing to Stocks Reservoir and came back with some wonderful trout.

Having seen people smoking fish on the T.V. I got it into my head that I wanted to smoke them. However the problem was I don't have a smoker.

I asked the question to the good people on Twitter and got several good replies back on making your own smoker. The best response I got was from @gilesthefish, our local and most excellent fishmonger from Wellgate Fisheries in Clitheroe, who advised me he had a spare smoker that I could borrow!

So I shot off into town to collect from the shop, Scott who works there gave me instructions on how to use and what to put in the brine.

The trout was filleted and pin-boned and placed in a mixture of salt, sugar and treacle diluted with water for about 20 mins. This was then rinsed off and the fish patted dry.

They were then placed in the smoker and left to smoke and cook for about 20 mins.

The result was fantastic, a lovely smoky and very succulent fish. Fabulous!

As the trout turned out so well venison and pheasant were removed from the freezer to defrost overnight. Unfortunately what we thought were pheasant breast turned out to be legs but this did not deter. Using a similar method of placing in brine, rinsing then smoking the end result was good!

So I now have smoked trout, venison and pheasant just need to think of some recipes to use them in.

Watch this space!

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